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"With continued hard work and effective leadership, Missouri's best days are ahead of us."
Dr. Bob Onder
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Bob’s Background

Husband and father of 6

Physician and small businessman

Former board member of Missouri Right to Life.

Endorsed by Missouri Right to Life.

Life member of the National Rifle Association.

Endorsed by NRA.

Missouri Chamber Freshman Legislator of the Year, Spirit of Enterprise Award

Active Member, St. Gianna Catholic Church

Trump Delegate to Republican National Convention

Dr. Bob Onder

Robert Onder Jr. is a husband, father, physician and small businessman from the state of Missouri. A Republican, he is a member of the Missouri Senate serving the 2nd District, in the St. Charles area. He was elected Assistant Majority Floor Leader in 2015. Onder previously was a member of the Missouri House of Representatives from 2007 to 2008.

Political campaigns

Onder served a single term in the Missouri House of Representatives from 2007 to 2008, having been elected in 2006.

In 2014, he was elected to the Missouri Senate in a 3 way race with 63% of the vote.

In 2018, Onder is running for his final term in the Missouri Senate due to term limits.

Missouri House of Representatives

Immigration Reform

In 2008, Onder authored and sponsored HB 1549, a piece of legislation that was described as “some of the strongest legislation in the country to fight illegal immigration.” The bill forbade the creation of sanctuary cities in Missouri, allowed for cancellation of state contracts for contractors if they hired illegal immigrants, and required public agencies to verify the legal status of immigrants before providing welfare benefits. Additionally the bill criminalized the transportation of immigrants for exploitative purposes. The bill passed the State House and Senate with strong support and was signed into law by Governor Matt Blunt.

Social Issues

Onder also sponsored legislation that would have strengthened Missouri’s informed consent before abortion statute, including requiring abortion clinics to allow women the opportunity to view an ultrasound of the fetus. The bill also would have criminalized coercing a woman to have an abortion through abuse, violence or threats. The bill passed the State House by a vote of 112-33.

Missouri Senate

In his first year in the Senate, Onder was elected to Senate leadership as Assistant Majority Floor Leader. In 2017 he became the Chairman of the General Laws Committee. Additionally, he serves as Vice-Chairman of the Committee on Judiciary and Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence.

Onder also advocated for ethics reform, sponsoring and handling legislation that called for a “cooling off period” between when Missouri legislators leave office and when they can become lobbyists. Onder said that public service “is not supposed to be our pathway job into a lucrative lobbying job.”Additionally, Onder sponsored a bill that would have banned gifts from lobbyists to legislators in Missouri.

Senator Onder and his staff do not accept lobbyists gifts.


In 2018, Onder authored and passed SB603 the 21st Century Course Access Act. This allows qualified students to enroll in the online courses they need to succeed. The bill was signed into law by Governor Eric Greitens.

Labor Reform
Onder supported legislation that made Missouri the 28th Right-to-Work state. The bill passed through Onder’s General Laws Committee before being sent to the Senate floor.

In 2017, Onder authored SB 182, a bill that banned union-only project labor agreements in Missouri. The bill was signed into law by Governor Greitens.

In 2018, Onder authored and handled HB1413 a bill that enacted comprehensive government union reform including financial transparency, worker voting rights and paycheck protection. The bill was signed into law by Governor Eric Greitens.

Economic Issues
In 2017, Onder was the Senate handler for HB 130, a bill that creates a statewide regulatory framework for transportation networking companies. The bill passed with overwhelming support by a vote of 144-7 in the House and by 30-1 in the Senate. Missouri Governor Eric Greitens signed the bill into law.

Human Trafficking 

Onder was the Senate handler of HB 1562, a bill that expanded the crime of sex trafficking to include the advertisement of minors for prostitution or pornography.

In 2018, Onder was the senate handler for HB1246 which requires the Department of Public Safety to create posters displaying the Human Trafficking Hotline phone number. These posts will be placed in high risk locations where human trafficking often occurs. The bill was signed into law by Governor Eric Greitens.

Social Issues

Onder is strongly pro-life, he was the author of legislation that requires annual, unannounced state inspections of abortion clinics; bars clinics from instructing ambulances to silence their sirens or turn their lights off; mandates that pathologists examine fetal tissue; enacts whistleblower protections for employees of abortion clinics; and protects pregnancy resource centers. Onder’s bill passed in the form of Senate Bill 5, sponsored by Senator Andrew Koenig and signed into law by Governor Eric Greitens.

Committee Assignments
– General Laws (Chairman)
– Judiciary and Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence (Vice-Chairman)
– Education
– Health and Pensions
– Tax Policy
– Ways and Means

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