Missouri’s Right to Work vote seen as bellwether for national policy

Bob Onder Prop A


ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) — The state legislature decided to turn Missouri into a Right to Work state, but first it has to be voted on by the people.

Next Tuesday, voters will say yes or no to Proposition A, a vote on whether or not workers can be required to pay union dues.

As a union contractor, Tim Weis is speaking out against Prop A.

“As someone who is a proponent of personal responsibility, I’m personally responsible for 300 employees and their families,” he said. ‘

Weis is one of the 200,000 union workers in Missouri.

“In the construction industry, it’s a symbiotic relationship. Labor and management are doing things to better our industry to provide quality, productive guys.”

A sign saying “No on Prop A” sits in front of his St. Charles County business.

There aren’t nearly as many yes signs, but state Senator Bob Onder of Lake St. Louis says the support is there.

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